Transportation-Property & Casualty Solutions

Since 1963, Transtar has been offering insurance solutions to trucking firms throughout 48 states.  The company works directly with the industry’s most highly rated insurance carriers to provide motor carriers with comprehensive and cost-efficient insurance programs.  Transtar develops unique solutions that allow our clients to participate in the underwriting profits of the insurance companies.  This type of approach also stabilizes the cost of risk for our clients.  Over the years, Transtar has developed an expertise in assisting our clients with managing risk through better safety and claims practices.

Over the past decade Transtar has began to expand its business model by bringing its alternative risk expertise to mid-sized trucking companies by offering small deductible programs and unique captive solutions.  In the beginning of 2011, Transtar ventured out further by focusing not only on large and mid-sized trucking firms, but to smaller fleets as well.