Transtar has the ability to make sense of your risk profile utilizing decades of experience managing large & complex trucking accounts using proven actuarially sound reviews. With our diversified book of transportation business, network of insurance companies and other bench-marking sources, we are able to tell your story in a language that underwriters comprehend. Transtar has managed negotiations of all kinds for a very diverse set of trucking companies in the industry. We are acutely aware of the importance of credit capacity, cash flow constraints, and long term goals to make sure you are managing your total cost of risk as efficiently as possible through proven risk management tools such as Large Deductibles, SIR’s, Captives, Rental Captives, RRG’s, RPG’s, just to name a few.

Over the past decade Transtar has begun to expand its business model by bringing its alternative risk expertise to mid-sized trucking companies by offering small deductible programs and unique captive solutions. In the beginning of 2011, Transtar ventured out further by focusing not only on large and mid-sized trucking firms, but to smaller fleets as well.


Transtar is built upon a tradition of integrity, relationships and industry leadership. We are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services and technology-based solutions. With the rising cost of employee benefits, balancing your employee needs while managing your bottom line has never been more difficult. Transtar can help you meet your benefits goals, your employees’ expectations and your bottom line. Transtar’s unique approach begins by performing a thorough analysis of your current claims, plan design, and providing actuarial insight to the pricing methodologies used by insurance companies to set premiums.  This same expertise is used to negotiate the best pricing available, assess appropriate levels of risk-taking, and limit surprises at renewal time.

Transtar also provides a variety of value-added professional services that reduce customer costs, increase efficiency and improve employee satisfaction. From custom employee communication materials to human resources tools and claims data analysis, we have the tools to make your benefits goals a reality.


At Transtar Insurance Brokers we understand the importance of keeping your claims under control. Our in house claims advocates will act as a liaison between you and the insurance company.  Our advocates will help protect your costs by ensuring your claims are handled properly by the insurance carrier.  Our goal is to keep your insurance costs as low as possible, inevitably improving your bottom line.


Transtar believes that understanding historical data, especially trends in claims, is of paramount importance when it comes to understanding how to partner with our clients to add value in improving their operations. With our in-house experts, including licensed and experienced actuaries, we have the tools needed to analyze, identify, and most importantly, change practices to improve loss trends.